Personalised Email

Domain names are not just for businesses. Would you like your own personalised and unique email address? There are various benefits to creating your own email address;

  • Reduces unwanted spam emails
  • Allows for better organisation of your inbox (no more losing emails!)
  • Stand out from the crowd with a more unique, professional domain.

Domain Name & Website

Do you want a unique and professional presence online? We can help you acquire a memorable domain name and create a professional looking website to match.

PC & Laptop Repair

We are able to upgrade/repair PC’s and Laptops. We can also build PC’s to order whether you need one for Gaming, Video Editing or any other requirement.

We also offer a service to setup a new device;

  • Removing bloatware
  • Making sure your new system is up-to-date
  • Installing any software you need.